Raila Threatens To Kick Jalang’o out of Parliament over ‘Party Prostitution’, Proposes New Laws

 Raila Threatens To Kick Jalang’o out of Parliament over ‘Party Prostitution’, Proposes New Laws

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance leader Raila Odinga has hinted at the possibility of kicking embattled Lang’ata Mp Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o over alleged betrayal in the party.

Speaking in Imara Daima on March 27, 2023, while leading his bi-weekly demonstrations, Raila said he’s advocating for a change in the law to kick out members of parliament who switch allegiance to supporting other political parties without resigning from their member party.

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He reiterated that there is a need to come up with measures that limit what he described as “party prostitution”.

“Tunataka katiba ibadilishwe, mnakubali? Tunataka yule mbunge ambaye amenunuliwa, amefanya umalaya ya siasa arudi kwa wananchi (we want the constitution to be changed, do you agree? We want that MP who has been bopught, the one who has done political prostitution to come back to the voters and ask for a fresh mandate),” He said.

Raila’s sentiments come at a time when several MPs who were elected on parties under the Azimio coalition have disagreed with the ongoing demonstrations, and some changed their tune to support President William Ruto’s government.

In February this year, several ODM and Jubilee MPs and senators pledged to work with President Ruto in delivering development for their constituents.

The move saw Mp Jalang’o being kicked out of the Azimio meeting last month and has since been out of the Azimio protests.

Raila asked the rebel parliamentarians to either return to Azimio, or resign from their elective seats and seek fresh mandate from the electorate

He further accused President William Ruto of attempting to weaken the opposition by “buying off” Azimio MPs.

“Ruto should stop buying leaders from Azimio Coalition. The persons he is targeting were elected on Azimio ticket, and should therefore remain within Azimio. If the Azimio MPs want a way out of the coalition, then they should resign and go back to the people to seek fresh election. We don’t want political prostitution,” Odinga said in his speech.

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