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Man who found Cheque worth £4 million rewarded with six bags of sweets

The man, who expected a larger gesture, thought the gift was ‘cheap

A man who found a cheque to Haribo worth £4 million was given six packets of sweets as a reward from the confectioner.

Anouar G, 38, from Frankfurt , Germany, spotted the cheque on a train platform after visiting his mum. He said he saw the cheque fluttering on the floor during his journey.

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After destroying the cheque and sending evidence, as requested, Anouar was surprised again a few days later when Haribo sent him a box with six packs of Haribo products.

“I thought that was a bit cheap,” Anouar said.

Haribo confirmed that it had been contacted about the missing cheque and in response to its gesture said: “Since it was a named check, nobody but our company could have redeemed it. It was our standard package that we send as a thank you.”

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