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5 Reasons Why Prophet David Owuor does not attend funerals

Prophet Dr David Owuor is the founder and the head of Repentance and Holiness Church. It’s a church where two words are always stressed on every day basis.These words are ‘repentance’ and ‘holiness’. This means when a Christian get born again, he later lives a holy life. They believe that after repenting what follows is a holy life and nothing else but a holy life.

Many have been asking questions therefore about Prophet Dr Owuor failing to attend funerals.

In fact when there is a funeral involving one of his followers, many will always attend the funeral to see the Prophet Dr Owuor. To their disappointment, only a group of senior Pastors and two Bishops or one appear to officiate the funerals.

Below are therefore reasons why it’s not possible for him to attend such kind of events.

1. Funerals as everyone knows is the final disposition of the body. This involves complex beliefs and practices burying the dead according to each culture. Several rituals are done which makes the whole event unclean. This uncleanliness and the relationship between the body and soul are the ones that makes Prophet Owuor difficult to attend such kind of events. He is considered the most holy Prophet who is also the most righteous. He can therefore defile himself with the secular rituals involved in disposing the body.

2. A funeral is a small event which does not involve that senior leadership of the church. It’s an issue that can be handles at the regional level and therefore involving him in such is lack of respect and failure to get born again well. Small issues are always solved by the people in charge of the region who are mostly in this case the presiding bishops or the pastors. It also involves the Deputy Senior Archbishops.

3. There is no compound in Kenya and in the world at large that can accommodate the large crowd that might turn up when he visits. Currently, there is no stadium that can hold his huge number of followers. This explains why he prefers open fields or farms averaging at more than 100 acres of land but still it will not be enough to accommodate everyone. You cannot expect such a person to attend a funeral.
For instance take a look at the crowd below;

4. Just as it is in other churches, there are numerous events of such kind. He is involved in international missions across the globe and therefore too busy for such kind of events. There are many events of more importance that he is supposed to attend to but not funerals. Below are some photos taken from his usual international missions;

5. It’s not part of his mission. The name of his church states his mission clearly i.e. Repentance and holiness. His mission therefore is to advocate for repentance and being holy for the coming of the Messiah. It’s therefore more than just death but what will happen after death. This is very important for every Christian.

In conclusion the bible said in Mathews 8 verse 21 to 22 that, ”Another of His disciples requested, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” But Jesus told him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” The disciple in this case was requesting Jesus to excuse him from his spiritual responsibilities that he may attend to his ailing Father first.

But Jesus encouraged him not neglect the high calling with claims of going to bury the Father. There is much more to do as far as your salvation is concerned in order to be ready for the Kingdom of God.


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